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Find out how it works
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Sustained recovery from alcohol and opiate addiction can be yours. With our long-lasting Naltrexone implant, expert counseling and guidance, peer support, and our mutual commitment to your success, you can begin living the life you want without cravings that sabotage your sobriety.

The Advanced Naltrexone Implant

The cornerstone of our revolutionary addiction recovery program is the long-acting implant of the non-addictive, self-releasing, FDA approved medication Naltrexone in a specifically compounded form that eliminates or dramatically suppresses the euphoria and physical cravings associated with opiate drug or alcohol addiction. The implant typically lasts six months, during which time, you will participate in our copyrighted structured program to prepare you to continue drug or alcohol free.

One-on-One Specialist Care

Individual attention and care is central to our program. From beginning to end, you will have the same point of contact, a Certified Addictions Professional and Licensed Mental Health Counselor with many years of experience in the field. This person will enroll you, schedule your preliminary physical, blood tests, and EKG, schedule the implant surgery, arrange for peer support , and provide your counseling. Your success is our mission.

Close up image of the Naltrexone Implant ready to be implanted.

Naltrexone Implant

Unlike methadone or suboxone, the Naltrexone implant is NON-ADDICTIVE. It is also biodegradable and releases the medication inside the body through two time-release pellets. The powerful medication eliminates or significantly decreases physical cravings connected with alcohol or opiate addiction and lasts about 6 months. Not only does the implant eliminate or significantly decrease cravings, it has another benefit: If the client decides to drink or use an opiate, he/she will feel no benefit -- the implant blocks the effect of the alcohol or drug.

A patient who is taking part of a one-on-one Recovery Counseling session.

Effective Counseling

After implantation of our exclusive long-lasting (generally 6 months) Naltrexone, cravings are quelled for most people, and counseling can begin. The counseling component involves 16-20 sessions identifying 35 key areas delivered via comprehensive modules written by BioCorRx addiction experts. The modules are specifically designed for clients using the BioCorRx exclusive long-lasting implant. Clients generally complete the counseling sessions within 90-120 days, though there is no time limit. At this same time, the Peer Support begins. Where distance is a factor, sessions can be done via Skype.

Zoomed out shot of a patient running on a path on his way to a Quick Recovery.

Life in Recovery

Testimonials from people who have chosen the BioCorRx Naltrexone implant program attest to the success of the program. (Check out our testimonial videos below.) While the implant is blocking cravings and relapse, you will have on average 6 months to implement and practice the strategies you learn in counseling, before the implant wears off completely. You can begin living the life you really want free from the grip of addiction. Recovery is possible, and life in recovery is sweet. It is our mission to help you get there.

How Does It Work?

Check out how effective and easy the naltrexone implant is.

The BioCorRx Recovery Program is a medically based program which clients have found to be effective. However, there is no cure for alcoholism or other drug addictions. Therefore, results can vary. We are confident in our program and are committed to doing our very best to get you where you want to go.


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GENESIS Alcohol and Addiction Alternatives, Inc. is the sole authorized BioCorRx Recovery Program provider in Central and Northern Florida. We are committed to fulfilling the mission and philosophy of the BioCorRx Corporation, sole distributor of the BioCorRx long-lasting Naltrexone implant in the United States. We encourage you to learn more details about BioCorRx and its program by visiting,

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