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Finding the Correct Program in Orlando, Florida

Though a cure may not be present, addiction can be managed and contained with the correct treatment that fights the disease using medication assistance. Recovery is possible but courage is necessary.

The Advanced Naltrexone Implant

Our leading-edge addiction recovery program uses naltrexone, in a specifically compounded form, that dramatically lessens or suppresses the euphoria and physical cravings associated with opioid drug or alcohol addiction.

One-on-One Specialist Care

Individual attention and care is key to the treatment. Great encouragement is placed on participants and their families to find a supportive path together toward mental and spiritual recovery from addiction.

Close up image of the Naltrexone Implant ready to be implanted.

Naltrexone Implant

It’s non-addictive, biodegradable, and releases the medication inside the body through a time-release pellet. The powerful medication can significantly cut down on physical cravings connected with alcohol and drug addiction.

A patient who is taking part of a one-on-one Recovery Counseling session.

Effective Counseling

After successful absorption of the naltrexone into the body, troublesome cravings for alcohol are quelled for most people. This allows for the next step which is to teach participants to begin to actively combat triggers by identifying them and training them to substitute dangerous thought patterns with productive ones.

Zoomed out shot of a patient running on a path on his way to a Quick Recovery.

Life in Recovery

One’s everyday life is important. The program is flexible as to be mindful of careers and time with loved ones. A focus is placed on being sensitive to the needs of our participants.

How Does It Work?

Check out how effective and easy the naltrexone implant is.

*The BioCorRx Recovery program is a medically based program, but it’s not a cure. Individual results will vary. Please consult with a doctor to determine if the program is right for you.


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